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State Farm Open Source - Terratest by Rex Bennett & Ryan Willett
Easily test your Terraform

State Farm Open Source Terratest

In our last post, we shared how the State Farm engineering community is beginning to help others in the form of open-source projects. Today, we’re going to continue that series looking at our second open source project, Terratest Helpers. At State Farm, IaC (Infrastructure as Code) is absolutely critical to how we build applications. It provides our teams with control and consistency for the infrastructure our products run on.

State Farm® Publishes Open Source by Rex Bennett & Clete Blackwell II
Benefitting the open source community through contributions and project publishing

State Farm® Publishes Open Source

At State Farm®, we take pride in being a good neighbor and in helping others. We often try to find ways to give back to the communities that sustain us and, these days, that would include the online community of open source developers who create and maintain much of the code required to run the modern internet. State Farm® uses thousands of open source programs and is committed to identifying opportunities to contribute back to the community.